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LISY Image

The LISY Image is based on Raspbian buster and can run on all LISY MPUs with all variants of Raspberry PI. I do recommend the PI Zero W or the (cheaper) PI Zero in case you do not want to use the WLAN functionality with LISY_control.

Raspberry devices are rare at the moment, but you can also use a 'Banana PI M2 Zero' by using my embedded version.

Just download the latest Image (zip-format) unzip it to '.img' format and write it to your SD Card ( 8GByte Minimum, 16GByte recommended).  See the LISY user Manual for details.

You can use the direct links below or browse my software repository.

'old'  version of LISY Image

'old' version of LISY image in case you have problems with the 'stable' version.

latest 'stable' LISY Image

'stable' version of LISY image. New features will be tested in 'test' version of LISY image before implementing here.

Update of a running LISY system

The zip file containing the full LISY Image has around 3.3Gbyte size. If you have a running Version of LISY Version 5.28-60 or later you can do an incremental update by using LISY_control. Incremental udate is only around 15Mbyte size.

LISY_control supports updates via Internet and from local disc via Webbrowser.

latest 'test' LISY Image

to test new features, may be unstable!


27.05.2023 LISY 5.27 moved to 'old'. Stable version is now 5.28-87 which supports Raspberry PI2 & PI4 and attract mode for Gottlieb System1 games.

16.07.2022 no LISY fast support anymore, you can use LISY embedded instead.

30.11.2021 split LISY image into 'stable' and 'test' version

29.11.2021 Version 5.27-67 solved a display bug with PI Zero (not PI Zero W) and Gottlieb System80B

11.07.2021 Version 5.27-62 MPF slave start fixed, added optional fixed volume setting with internal sounds

01.03.2021 Version 5.27-39 support for Williams SYS6 with APC, improved PI3 I2C stability, fixed freeplay bug with Stern games

04.02.2021 Version 5.27-23 beta support for Williams SYS3,4 and 6 with APC

30.01.2021 Version 5.27-19 SYS11C support with APC 3.0. Force 2 and Mystic soundfiles (thx to Yann!)

24.01.2021 Version 5.27-14 solves a bug with LISY_control update; added all Williams roms, more APC 3.0 support

28.12.2020 Version 5.27-4 solves a bug with LISY_control (Bad Gateway)  

26.12.2020 Version 5.27-3 support of APC 3.0 (together with APC SW v0.21)

12.12.2020 Version 5.27-1 new Linux Kernel, minor Bugfixes

22.09.2020 Version 5.26-28 Bugfixs Initials on 80B & Soundcard in config.txt

05.09.2020 Version 5.26-26 Sound improvements to LISY35 and LISY35_control ( thanks to matiou)

04.06.2020 Version 5.26-19 LISY_Control1 & LISY_Control80 now supporting 'blinking Lamps' in Lamp control Note: on some devices this image had problems with I2C!

31.05.2020 Version 5.26-18 LISY1 HW v6.0 support; System7 for APC (LISY_Mini) support of Amazon Hunt II (LISY80) , mpf update to 0.54-dev40

23.04.2020 Version 5.26-01 support of LISY80 HW 6.0 and first Version of LISY_Mini for APC (Control Williams pinballs). Pinmame & LISY Sound improvements.

19.11.2019 Version 5.25-15 update to Raspbian 'Buster' which supports the Rasberry 4B+

24.10.2019 Version 5.25-12 mpf-update to 0.53-dev-63, fixed bug with switchnumbering in mpfserver for system1 & system80

07.10.2019 Version 5.25-10 Wireless LAN Client mode do work again ( was broken with 5.25-8 )

04.10.2019 Version 5.25-9 bug fix Coil&Display PIC Code for LISY80 HW 5.1 

03.10.2019 Version 5.25-8 hotspot mode stabilized; 'Ball in Play' corrected for LISY1 (no heading Zero anymore)

25.09.2019 Version 5.25-5 added PIC SW for HW 5.1, added clockscale Parameter for LISY1

18.09.2019 Version 5.25-3 solved bug which prevented start LISY without a wireless LAN (e.g with PI-Zero )

10.09.2019 Version 5.25-2 optional 'one_shot' mode for simple flasher added

06.09.2019 Version 5.25-1 MPF LISY API update to 0.09, simple flasher for all LISY variants

21.08.2019 Version 5.24-9 LISY35: LISYcontrol test for internal soundcard

13.08.2019 Version 5.24-2 LISY35: Soundcard support and faster boot

07.08.2019  Version 5.23-4 MPF update to 0.52, LISY35 added to mpfserver

30.07.2019  Version 5.22-38 lisy_control, all variants: update from local (PC) disc possible

22.07.2019  Version 5.22-31 lamps 'blink mode' added in lisy35_control, clockscale added for LISY1

30.06.2019  Version 5.22-18 fixed bug 'no highscores' for LISY1

26.06.2019  Version 5.22-3 Solenoid bug lisy80_control solved

25.06.2019  Version 5.22-2 lisycontrol does now try wlan severall times

10.06.2019  Version 5.21-40 added (again) mpfserver, fixed hotspot bug