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What is 'LISY'? It stands for LInux for SYstem.

It is a replacement MPU for Gottlieb, Bally, Stern or Williams pinball  maschines

LISY uses a Raspberry PI Zero which is integrated in a self designed PCB, used softwarebasis ist Raspbian. You can either use the original Gameplay by using PINMAME romsets or create your own Gameplay by using the Mission Pinball Framework


What do you need?

Basic soldering skills (only one of the integrated circuits are in SMD size)

Possibility to read/write micro  SD cards

Wireless LAN oder LAN if you want to use LISYcontrol

A pinball machine supported by LISY


MPUs based on pinmame and Raspberry PI

-> LISY1 for Gottlieb System1

-> LISY80 for Gottlieb System80

-> LISY80 LED for Gottlieb System80 (Prototype)

-> LISY35 for Bally

-> LISY35 SMD for Bally ( with preassembled SMD components)

-> LISY_Mini for controlling external HW over USB

-> APC for Williams pinballs with integrated LISY


LISY replaces your original pinball MPU

Gerber data for PCB included

You just need to buy the needed components; download and install the LISY image and do the soldering.

I do provide all the software you need for free.

 The PICs can be programmed using the integrated programmer of LISY


One PCB is around 8€, however you need to order at least five PCBs when ordering at ''.

The needed components are around 50€, depending on where do you buy the components and what LISY variant do you want to have.

LISY is integrated part of pinmame, have a look at the source code here

List of (standard) components is documented.

As the solution is using pinmame gameplay is 100% compared to the original game Optional you can use 'Freeplay'; 'Ballsave' is still 'work to do', if you are interested in that feature please send me a mail.

There is a Webinterface integrated ( 'LISYcontrol'). This means, by connecting LISY to you local LAN/WLAN it is possible to control each lamp and each solenoid via Webbrowser. Status of switches are shown on one page, and switch descriptions can be edited in a'csv' table.