GottFA80 - a Gottlieb System80 MPU based on a low cost FPGA

This is a 1:1 functional replacement to a original Gottlieb System80/System80B MPU, without the additional features of a LISY80, but with much faster boot and lower costs. You can build a GottFA80 for less than 70 Euros!

I have four versions at the moment

GottFA80 v1.0

based on CycloneII FPGA, cheap but 'later' 80B games are not supported

GottFA80 v1.1

based on Bversion 1.0 but with JLC preassembling service

GottFA80 v4.1

based on CycloneIV FPGA, 'later' 80B games supported but unfortunately the FPGA board is not available at the moment.

GottFA80 v5

based on CycloneIV FPGA, 'later' 80B games supported. FPGA board is a bit pricy.