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attract mode for Gottlieb System1 games

The original rom code for Gottlieb System1 games do not contain a routine for an 'attract mode'

With LISY1 and GottFA1 / GottFA1_PLuS you can add your own attract mode for these games by just editing a 'csv files' with the attract mode commands. With LISY1 you can directly use these csv files, for GottFA1 the files need to be converted into an 'FPGA readable' format.

For details have a look to the user manuals of LISY1 & GottFA1 on how to do this.

I have created some, very basic, attract modes for all the system1 games. You can find the correpondig csv files on my repository server. If you create a more advanced version for your game please let me know and I will be happy to share it on my repository.

game mapping

000_attract.csv    Cleopatra

001_attract.csv    Sinbad

002_attract.csv    Joker Poker

003_attract.csv    Dragon

004_attract.csv    Close Encounters of the Third Kind

005_attract.csv    Charlie's Angels

006_attract.csv    Solar Ride

007_attract.csv    Count-Down

008_attract.csv    Pinball Pool

009_attract.csv    Totem

010_attract.csv    The Incredible Hulk

011_attract.csv    Genie

012_attract.csv    Buck Rogers

013_attract.csv    Torch

014_attract.csv    Roller Disco

015_attract.csv    Asteroid Annie and the Aliens

Pinball Pool