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I know, reading documentation is boring, so here are the 'quick steps' what you need to do get your running LISY board. You may also have a look at the FAQ section.


By using LISY it is possible to damage your pinball machine. As this is a private project with NO commercial interest the author accept no liability for any damage that may arise by using LISY.

10 steps to create a running LISY board.

1) go to the section of your MPU type.Take the 'Gerber file' and let produce your PCB. I have written some notes on how to do this in the PCB section.

2) look for the list of components you Need ( Shopping cards and BOMs are provided) an order the components at the shop of your choice

3) read the Assembly Guide and do the soldering

4) download the LISY Software

5) read the documentation

6) write the Software to your SD Card

7) start the integrated PIC programmer and program your PICs

8) for Gottlieb games put your 'pinmame rom' on the SD Card, due to Copyright reasons they are not included in the Image. For Bally games most roms are already on the SD Card.

9) adjust the DIP switches on the LISY board according to your game

10) put the LISY board in your in your pinball machine and ENJOY