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USB Blaster (SMD version)

 This is the preassembled 'SMD version'; I have also a 'DIP version' for soldering yourself ( look here) .

As the latest USB Blaster from Aliexpress do not work with JTAG Mode (see also here ) I decided to try to make a DIY version. My Layout is a combination of schematics & software I found on the internet:

Satoshi OJIKAs USB Blaster 

- Hendrik Lipkas 'USB Blaster Clone'

- Tom Carpenters version on github

You need to program the PIC ( PIC18F14K50 ) with the hex file from my repository. The PIC is preassembled, but the PCB has an 'ICSP' connector integrated for easy programming. I do recommend using a 'PICKIT3.5' for that ( see here ). 

Blaster preassembled by JLC
It fits in the standard case for USB Blasters

Five pieces preassembled by JLC are around 50€, shipping and taxes included. You only need to add and solder a Box connector, 10-pin, straight. ( link to )

Note: This USB Blaster is for 'JTAG mode' only! For serial programming of CycloneII devices you still need the 'Aliexpress' version.