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pHAT Soundboard

On each LISY MPU you find a place für inserting an (optional) pHAT compatible soundcard. I build my own soundcard by using standard components you can find for example on eBay or Aliexpress. Gerber Data to produce you PCB you will find below.

By using my PCB and the listed components you can have this for less then 10 Euro, a similar Commercial card ( HiFiBerry MiniAMP ) is about 20 Euro.

PHAT Soundboard for LISY v1.0
PHAT Soundboard mounted on a LISY35

Componts needed

PCM5102_I2S module
PCB v1.0

Gerber Data is for Version 1.3, which has some small corrections

NOTE: up to version 1.2, depending on the PCM5102 board, you may notice problems with sound output. You need to add a 10K resistor according to the v1.3 schematics in this case. Send me a mail if you need more details.