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which SD card for my FPGA board?

My general recommendation here is to use 'small' and 'cheap' SD cards ( like Intenso 4GB ) which is in opposite to my recommendation for my 'LISY' projects with Raspberry PI, here you will have BIG problems with Intenso.

Background: I did implement access to the SD via the SPI interface, which in theory, should be supported by all SD cards. Its old and slow, but was easy to implement for me within FPGA/VHDL However in practice it turned out that especially the 'Big' and 'Fast' SD cards do not implement SPI interface anymore, other do implement it different. As a result not all SD cards do work with my FPGA implementation.

Micro SD cards which are reported to work with 'FA' boards:

- Intenso 4GB class4 -> purchase link to

- Kootion 16GB class10 -> purchase link to

- Shandian class10 -> purchase link to aliexpress

- Micro Center class10 -> purchase link to

- Eastbull class10 -> purchase link to

- Kingston 32GB class10 -> purchase link to

- OUIO 8GB class10

- Sandisk Ultra 32GB class10

- PNY Elite 32GB 

- Patriot 64GB class10

If you have successfully used other cards please let me know!