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FPGA development boards

For all of m FPGA MPUs I use a FPGA development board which is put as 'piggy back' onto the MPU

Most of my MPUs are using the cheap Alterra Cyclone II dev board which is available on eBay and Aliexpress for 30€ or so. Search for "Altera CycloneII EP2C5T144"
'LISY dev' DIY Altera Cyclone II board when it arrives from JLCPCB.
'LISY dev' DIY Altera Cyclone IV v3 board 
'LISY dev' DIY Altera Cyclone IV v4 board 

Note: you can check if your FPGA is working by using my FPGA checker!

FPGA board checker
USB Blaster, needed for Software updates.