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RecelFA - a Recel 3 MPU based on a low cost FPGA

This is a 1:1 functional replacement of an original Recel3 MPU.

After successfull testing of prototype now Version 1.0 is in production. As soon as final tests are done I will publish Gerber, BOM & CPL.

For easy replacement allmost all chips of RecelFA are in Through-Hole Technology (THT).

Version 1.0

Recel3 games supported

Poker Plus - Fair Fight - Crazy Race - Mr Evil - Torneo - Mr Doom - Swashbuckler - Don Quijote

Black Magic 1 player - Black Magic 4 players - The Flipper Game - Hot & Cold - Alaska - Cavalier - Screech

Features in Version 1.0

- 1:1 replacement, size & connectors are same as on original CPU

- roms on SD card

- game selection via DIP Switch

- optional background sound via integrated amplifier and seperate speaker

Features planed

- speed boot

- serial console for memory dump and testing

- alternative sounds 

- and more ...

Note: features will be added via Software updates. You need an USB Blaster to be able to update RecelFA software.