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WillFA11 - MPU replacement for SYS11 & Data East

This is a 1:1 functional replacement of Williams System11 & Data East MPU

WillFA11 comes with a 'special handling of the special solenoids'  Even if the special solenoid switch gets stuck, the related special solenoid will pulse and not permanently activated. 

BOM and CPL provided do include all DIP sockets using the 'hand soldering' service from JLC. 

You only need to purchase the DIP chips, the SD card and the Cyclone IV board and place them on the board. After programming the FPGA ( USB Blaster with JTAG support needed) and writing my rom image onto the SD card you will have a full functional board. Have a look to the user manual for details.

Goal is to be able to replace Williams SYS9...SYS11 & Data East MPUs.

Current hardware version 0.91 ( April 2024) do support SYS11C and early Data East games only!

This includes the following games:

The Bally Game ShowSYS11 C
Pool SharksSYS11 C
RollergamesSYS11 C
DinerSYS11 C
Radical!SYS11 C
Dr. DudeSYS11 C
Riverboat GamblerSYS11 C
Bugs Bunny's Birthday BallSYS11 C
Laser War (3/87)Data East V1
Secret Service (2/88)Data East V2
Torpedo Alley (8/88)Data East V2
Time Machine (11/88)Data East V2
Playboy 35th Anniversary (5/89)Data East V2
ABC Monday Night Football (9/89)Data East V2
Robocop (01/90)Data East V2
Phantom of the Opera (4/90)Data East V2
Back to the Future (6/90)Data East V3
The Simpsons (10/90)Data East V3

v0.90 assembled by JLCPCB
v0.90 complete (without sound extension)
WillFA11 in a Williams Police Force
WillFA11 in a Data East Frankenstein

parts needed

In additon to the WillFA11 PCB preassembled by JLCPCB you need a few ICs, a micro SD card, my  FPGA board v5 and an USB Blaster ( with JTAG support) to be able to program your FPGA. 

For the other parts see the Reichelt shop cart.

You need my FPGA board v5 for WillFA11 !

Documentation & Software

how to order your WillFA11 PCB

Have a look to the PCB documentation section.

Needed Gerber Data, BOM and Component Placement List (CPL) you find on my repository server