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USB Blaster (DIP version)

This is the 'DIP version' for soldering yourself; I have also a preassembled 'SMD version' ( look here )

As the latest USB Blaster from Aliexpress do not work with JTAG Mode (see also here ) I decided to try to make a DIY version. My Layout is a combination of schematics & software I found on the internet:

Satoshi OJIKAs USB Blaster 

- Hendrik Lipkas 'USB Blaster Clone'

- Tom Carpenters version on github

You need to program the PIC ( PIC18F14K50 ) with the hex file from my repository. I do recommend using a 'PICKIT3.5' for that ( see here ). The USB connector (type B) and the programming connector do have the same type as the Aliexpress Blaster, so you can use the cable from there.

When you order the PCB via JLCPCB and use my Reichelt shop cart you can build the USB Blaster for less then 20 Euro.

My early version of the USB Blaster. Current version do not use 'D2' at the upper right corner.

Note: This USB Blaster is for 'JTAG mode' only! For serial programming of CycloneII devices you still need the 'Aliexpress' version.