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Ethernet Adapter for Banana PI M2 Zero

The Banana PI M2 Zero has an integrated ethernet adapter, however the connector is missing. I created a small adapter PCB which you can solder onto the Banana PI.

By using an 'extra tall header' the M2 Zero still fits on a LISY PCB.

In most images the ethernet adapter is disabled by default. With armbian you can use my user overlay to activate it ( m2-zero-eth0.dts ) or use one of my images which have it activated by default.

activate eth0 with armbian configfile 'overlay-user'

copy m2-zero-eth0.dtbo from my repository to directory /boot/overlay-user

edit /boot/armbianEnv.txt and add line "user_overlays=m2-zero-eth0" to it



You need pin headers in 2mm pitch and this Ethernet connector.


Use the Gerber data below and order the PCB at the shop of your choice. (see instructions for ordering at '' here) V1 is for self soldering, V2 is with JLC preassembly.