explanation on USB Blaster variants

While USB Blaster offered on Aliexpress have all the same case labeled 'ALTERA USB Blaster Rev. C" they do significant differ when it comes to the components used inside.

Looks like all sellers use the CH552 variant at the moment which do work in 'serial programming' mode but do fail in 'JTAG' mode.

The USB Blaster case, common for all variants

whats JTAG & serial mode?

For my replacement MPUs based on FPGA ( GottFA1,GottFA1_PLuS, GottFA80, GottFA80_PLus, BallyFA, WillFA) I'm using FPGA boards based on the Altera Cyclone II chip. Cyclone II FPGAs can be programmed in 'serial programm' mode. ( program files do have extension '.pof')

FPGA boards based on Altera Cyclone IV chip need to be programmed in 'JTAG mode' ( program files do have extension '.jic') Cyclone IV chips do have much more internal memory compared to Cyclone II.

My first FPGA MPU where I'm using a Cyclone IV board is for GottFA80/GotFA80_PLuS in case you want to use it with 'late' 80B games (  Excalibur, Hot Shots, Big House, Bad Girls, Bonebusters and Night Moves) as these games do have a bigger rom.

Same for WillFA7 in case you want to use it with Defender or  Star Light ( jic file available on request ).


With CH552 chip, not working with JTAG mode.
With STM32 chip
With PIC18 chip
With STM32 chip
Make your own USB Blaster.
NEW: DIY SMD Blaster
USB Blaster 'v2' from Waveshare. Reported to work in JTAG mode!
Waveshare Blaster inside