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LCD display for System80B

I made this in 2016 for my testbench ( project name 'GODI80B') and though it might be usefull for People who want to build their own testbench. It only need a few components and is driven with 5 Volt only

Sometimes the output is a Little bit 'flaky', but fo a testbench I think it is OK.

In theory, with a bigger LCD display, this can also be used within a pinball. If you want to use it and need a better output let me know, and I will try to understand what I coded 4 yers ago ;-)

GODI80B prototype

components needed:

  • - a HD44780 compatible Display 2 rows, 24 Digits
  • - PIC 16F726 (plus my Software, see below)
  • - a 5K Potentiometer
  • - 2 LEDs
  • - 2 resistors
  • - Edge connector for 'J2'

All 'HD44780' compatible displays should work, you can even use a 4x20 Display.

In case you are not able to program the PIC yourself just contact me, I can send you a programmed PIC at my cost price plus shipping.